Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jerry Lewis Part 2

I've written before about raising Jerry. I wonder what makes a child funny. Mom, Did you hear me laughing from 3 hours away? We were outside and I asked Truman if I could take her picture. This is what I got the first time. She ACTUALLY posed this way. Really.
Then, she gets off her bike and says to me, "No, No, Take my picture dis' way." I didn't catch her frolicking in the grass. She actually leaned over, put her hands together underneath her chin, tucked up her legs, and POSED. WHERE in the world did she EVER see or LEARN how to pose like this?
Grandma & friends pulled up their lawn chairs for the evening. I know this is how they will look in 80 years. Frumpy and lounging outside. We weren't watching anything.  Just sitting looking at the street.
I really need to have a daily Truman post as her antics ARE indeed newsworthy. Did I mention she fake sleeps in her carseat only when I pull into the garage? I have to announce to everybody "Be very Quiet, Clairvaux is sleeping." She leans to the left, props her head up with her fist, and fake sleeps. EVERY TIME. I then have to pretend I am carrying her inside and she "suddenly" wakes up. We are fools to each other.

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  1. She is precious! My 5 year old still does the face sleeping thing. I think it's his chance to still feel small and to let me know he still needs me. sigh.