Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Today was perfection. The weather was unreal so we decided to nicely recline outside. I was watching the kids run around, ride bikes and was pushing her in the baby swing with one hand. I looked over to this loveliness.
What a work of art!
She was so relaxed swinging back and forth. I remember doing this with each child. Just last January, it was so nice out. I remember swinging Clairvaux. Now, she rides bikes with the rest while Damaris swings back and forth. Time marches on.
Then, she suddenly woke up and smiled. So refreshing.


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  2. She is so perfectly beautiful. I found myself tearing up looking at these photos-because she is so perfect and because I know how you felt looking at her. Her eyelashes are just precious. These are photos you will treasure dearly a year or two from now. It's so easy to forget the details of your baby's face at each different stage.