Sunday, September 16, 2012

Triple Jogger Memoirs

We've owned a single, double, and now TRIPLE jogging stroller. John goes on ridiculously long runs and willingly "likes" to push a stroller because it gives him a better workout. Who can run 14 miles while pushing a triple stroller??? I am amazed every time. His dream is to do an IronMan. This will prepare him well. He has done this since we've had children. I remember seeing him pull out of the driveway with little Dominic and a stick. Dominic would wave it wildly in the air. Then, Lillie joined. Next, Rose. Then he would take all three of them in the double stroller.
They love it.  Can't you tell???

Clairvaux and Zellie are his current faves to take. He and Clairvaux love looking at the "baby ducks" (insert weird voice the way we say it extremely high pitched).
Small, Medium, and X-Large
Sadly, Planned Parenthood moved about 6 or so blocks away from our house. Abortions are performed there on Tuesdays and Fridays. We started going on Tuesday nights to pray for the women and their hearts to heal, for the conversion of the abortionist and staff, and to namely remember the 18-20 people that died that day. We always tell the kids that 20 people died here today. I can't fathom it every solemn time.


  1. praise God for your witness, triple stroller and all.

  2. Oh my goodness, I may motivate my husband to take up running if only for this added benefit ;) And...oh boy. I can't imagine living that close but praise God that a family like you can witness and pray. Maybe even bring some blessed salt to sprinkle around next time. God bless you for your witness and prayers.

  3. Wow- we do own a double stroller, but I have never seen a triple one before. How awesome is that! God bless and greetings from Germany, Nicole.

  4. ugh, totally feel your pain about PP in your neighborhood. Here in Wichita we just heard that the abortion clinic is opening up again. Your new Bishop (Conley!) was dragged off and arrested there with my mom during the protests in 1991. Pretty awesome guy you have coming there. He's a pro-life champion... perhaps he'll join your family in prayer...

  5. Hello, I stumbled across your blog while searching triple joggers. I was unable to identify the brand of the one you have here in your photo. Do you by chance recall the brand of your triple jogger? Thank you.

  6. I too would like to know the brand.. Currently searching for a decent triple jogger.