Friday, December 28, 2012

Love note

Lillie and Rose write John and I a love note every night. They have done this for about 6 months. If anybody else is in the home at night, they also receive one. Lillie writes a lot so it takes her some time. I have come to look forward to them each night as I know that someday I won't get one. I was away for the day and came home to this on the dry erase board.  They will never know until they are mothers how much I treasure this.  I have kept each one.  Ridiculous, I am sure, but I can't bring myself to throw them away.


  1. Total stranger here, sorry.
    But did you see the Pinterest suggestion of taking a picture of your child's artwork and then creating a photobook of it? It'd be a great way to organize, collate and keep all your kids' creations.

  2. Beautiful names! Are they each named after different saints?

  3. So precious....... {new reader here.. Found your blog via camp Patton....} beautiful children... And amazing family. :) God bless.