Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vent Baby & What I've been reading

Baby loves the vent. If you need to find her, first check this specific floor vent.
I always tell the kids that this is MY mother's favorite things babies do. She calls it "lounging." I think of my mother when I see our babies doing it.  We sure had a wonderful day celebrating the first Sunday of Advent today.  I have been doing some extensive reading on celebrating all the Church's events in their proper order and proper place.  I wish I would have known so many of these beautiful pieces of truths when we were first married.  Our faith is so rich and so rooted.  I love that everything we do has a meaning usually dating back to the early Greek and Romans. 
I struggle with consistency in most areas of my life, but one area that I do without falter is read a lot, EVERY day. I have a love affair with books. I find myself constantly sneaking away to read just one more chapter. I would probably be diagnosed as a schizophrenic reader as my literary tastes are somewhat spastic. As my mother told me, "You are the quirkiest, normal person I know." John claims that I make life "so much fun" so at least he isn't worried.
So, about a month ago I decided to read my way through the non-fiction section of our library. I do love a good biography. I set my guidelines being that I had to read everything in alphabetical order regardless of what the title was. Some titles have been awesome especially this book:
I love photography and taking pictures.  Why not read about Ansel?
To be honest, it made me audibly laugh one night when I was reading before bed, with my book light about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Dork.
I grabbed this one a week ago and have been calling my mother about every other paragraph because her writing style is hysterical. Why are some people so incredibly witty?
Onward to my non-library adventures: Managers of Their Homes. I think I may have finally found the perfect system for our family. I know personality plays a role so much in how we run our homes, so for me THIS is the system. The famous Duggar family uses this system.
I just started this last week also. I looked back at the first few chapters realizing that I have highlighted almost every paragraph in its entirety.
The method of homeschooling we use is based on Thomas Jefferson's ideas of education. I enjoyed this book as it lent additional insight to the methodology.
The Well-Trained Mind is vast, but deliciously good.
I just cracked this open late last night, but so far it has shed light on some topics I've not yet thought much about. Since being originally published in 1954, I was eager to dive in. I am hoping to read Mary Reed Newland's other title "We and Our Children: How to make a Catholic home."
Finally, I printed off all 106 pages of Maria Von Trapps Around the Year with the Trapp Family. It is out of print, but you can find the complete text at EWTN.
I read it a couple times and John read it today.  It is worth your time merely for the simple fact of how the Church traditionally celebrates the feasts especially Advent and Christmas. 


  1. I shall call you Belle from now on. :)

  2. Lindsay, your blog is just darling, and what a beautiful family you have too! I have the same problem with reading all kinds of unconnected things all the time.

    I was wondering, what books would you recommend to learn more about the Church's liturgical traditions? I'm guessing the Maria Von Trapp book would be one, but do you have any other suggestions? I'm getting married in the spring and I'm so excited to incorporate a lot of these things into my family's life.

  3. gosh linny she is too cute... lil rosie ;) btw i just told someone the other day... my sister is the oddest most normal person i know! <3 hil

  4. THANK YOU for giving what you are reading! I admire you and your husband so much. I am sure the day to day has its insanities but it is so beautiful to see a large Catholic family thriving and doing it so joyfully. My husband and I (know your husband's twin) are at the beginning of what hopefully becomes a large Catholic family (we have two boys so far). I hope we are able to be as successful as you are! God bless and Happy advent!

  5. I need to get back into reading more! I love the Mary Reed Newland book you mentioned, although I haven't finished it yet. Her writing style is lovely; almost conversational. The chapter on teaching your children about the Mass is so good. When our children are a little older I plan to dip into that chapter a lot.
    Thanks for sharing your reading list! I'm really interested in seeing if our library has that home manager book...I need it!

  6. I can picture you at 2am reading about Kareem Abdul Jabbar...too funny.