Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby's New Eyewear

Poor Unsuspecting Baby. Sitting nicely with her father, and then attacked by her siblings with eyewear. John snatched these glasses up when Dominic was a baby from an elderly patient who upgraded her frames. We've gotten miles out of them. I wish I could remember the previous owner's name. That was half the fun.
Wait a second. Do I even have a say what happens to me?
My suspicions are confirmed. There is nothing cuter than a baby in glasses.
She let us win this one.


  1. My MIL had a pair of glasses eerily similar to that when I met her-only six years ago, sadly-they were out of style even then. Damaris is so cute she makes them look good!

  2. She is so cute and certainly looks fashionable in those large frames!!! I love that you have all these great photos and storylines to look back at later.