Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big Zoo Trip 2013

Every year, we are able to make a trip to Omaha to go to the "BIG ZOO" and IMAX. A wonderful group of doctors John refers to sponsors the trip every year. We are so grateful for their generosity. Our children look forward to this event and talk about it with glistening eyes. We spend several hours touring the zoo. We then head over to the IMAX. The IMAX is the highlight as they are enthralled by the big 3-D eyeglasses and each child gets a ticket for popcorn, candy bar of their choice, and pop. I love watching them order their selection each year. I think they can hardly believe we let them have so much junk in one day. After the show, we eat at Treetops which overlooks the Lied Jungle. The jungle is the largest indoor rainforest. They love eating while being able to see monkeys go by the window. One year, cupcakes were served with different animals made out of frosting in 3-D form. My mother, three youngest sisters and my sister's boyfriend joined us this year. We had a perfect day!
We look for the dome the whole trip up to Omaha.  Once they see the desert dome, shrieking begins!!!
 My mother is so afraid of all animals.  Poor Mech.  She spent the day in fear especially in the jungle thinking something was coming for her.
 Austin and Kathryn joined us which made Clairvaux and Zellie's day perfect.  Austin is a super-star in our home.

 Clairvaux begged for a Hot Tamale.  She then died from heat exhaustion. 

 I love that this picture screams happiness.  Her hat, popcorn, name is all that I love about children.

 Getting ready for the IMAX show about Polar Bears.

 Until we meet again next year, this is one of the highlights of our lives right now. 


  1. Your kids are SOOOOO cute Lindsay! Looks like an awesome day!
    HOw are you and bambino feeling? Hope the yuckies are almost gone.

    God Bless,

  2. So many great pictures, but I have to say the one of Lillie in her glasses made me laugh out loud. (Clairvaux is such a pill!)