Friday, April 26, 2013

19 weeks

It is ridiculous how fast each successive pregnancy seems to go. All of sudden, I am half way through this pregnancy. We had our ultrasound on Tuesday morning. It always takes my breath away EVERY time we first have our ultrasound. I said, "There you are." Just like that, I have my first picture of you. We spend so much time analyzing what the ultrasound tech says that we really should just find out what gender the baby is. I analyzed how she commented on everything. I watched her face and tried to read her expressions especially since she knows we have one boy and six girls. I "thought" I heard her say "Her heart looks great." BUT, I don't know.

None the less, it is always beautiful to see someone moving and growing right along. I cannot believe, God-willing, you will be in our arms in 20 short weeks.


  1. So beautiful, and it never gets old, does it? :) Many, many congratulations to you and your family!!

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  3. I did the same thing with my last pregnancy...completely analyzed the ultrasound...specifically, the photos of it until it practically drove me nuts! We didn't want to find out the baby's gender, but a trainee came in and printed the pictures for us (she hadn't been in the room until the end). Well, on our way out, I noticed what looked to be a boy part in the photo! I couldn't believe that they "told" us when we didn't want to know. So, I constantly analyzed the photo and was convinced it was a boy. Then, near the end of my pregnancy I held the photo up to the light and noticed that it could be the cord by the way it seemed to be "spiral" in nature. So, at the end, I figured that we didn't really know for sure. Well, weren't we surprised that we didn't really know at all since baby turned out to be a girl! By the way, as a homeschooling mom of 4 (and hoping for more), I like reading your blog. Your love for your children and the blessing of being a mom shines through you and your blog...such an encouragement!