Monday, April 1, 2013

Afternoon Tea Time

My friend Renee reminded me to blog about our darling afternoon tea time.  I have gotten so accustomed to the girls setting up tea time that I've taken it for granted how sweet it really is they do this EVERY afternoon with such LOVE.  Every afternoon while I am taking a nap, the four older girls set up a tea party on the floor of the kitchen.  Today was especially darling as they positioned everything by the couch complete with pillow and blanket for me to lay down and enjoy tea time.

The whole afternoon tea started when we found out we were expecting our newest baby and morning sickness descended upon our home.  The older five kids were so attentive and willing to help out.  They would always ask what they could do to help or make it better to which I replied that I just need to eat something.  This sparked their little afternoon tea time because I drank so much ginger tea and they've done it ever since.

 Rose heads up the whole production every afternoon.  She decides the snack and serves everybody.  I forgot to mention they each make me a little gift every afternoon too!!!  It is usually a decorated picture with markers, glitter, or stickers.  Zellie wraps hers with tape each day while Lillie always makes a home-made envelope.  Zellie and Vianney always copy what Rose creates. 
 Good ole' Dom.  He is so tolerant of all their ways and usually can be found building Lego creations at his counter.

These are the times to remember because they will not last forever.


  1. Praise God for this great opportunity for your blessings to serve you. Your children give a beautiful example of charity. Continued prayers for you during your baby making days.

  2. Oh, my daughter would love this!!! She loves tea parties, but has no sisters as of yet. Too cute!

  3. All of the girls in your house makes me want to have a whole litter of girls! So much fun!

  4. Every. day. I can't get over it!

  5. I LOVE this!!! So sweet and precious. Your girls are already practicing the gift of hospitality!! Such a blessing!