Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just as cute as she could be

One of funniest parts of parenting is that you really are convinced you have the cutest kids in the world. When Dominic was born, we truly thought we had just given birth to the world's most beautiful baby. We look back at pictures and realize how he was NOT the world's most beautiful baby and actually really beat up from delivery. I just KNEW the nurses were admiring him. John and I just think Damaris is over the top cute. I guess that is how it should be because if your parents don't think you are the cat's meow, even if your not, who will? I took just her with me today on a few errands and once again had the Dominic syndrome. She was just so cute in Target that I carried her around like a trophy. Part of loving them is also knowing the darling personality behind a sweet face.

Profile pictures are my favorite.