Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Johnny runs again

John ran the half-marathon this past Sunday. He usually runs it every year and we always enjoy going to watch him and all our other friends who run. I don't know why I always get so choked up at watching people run these races, but it proves inspiring every year. We hit John at three different places to cheer him on and give him coconut water to rehydrate. He had taken 10 weeks off due to a stress fracture. He did great with a time of 1:35 especially since he had been injured. Next year, I told him we should shoot to be under 1:30.

Our amazing Bishop ran the full marathon. He began a campaign "Run for Vocations." He is such an outstanding leader. He celebrated mass the night before for all the runners and their families.  He is pictured front left in front of John.  After John finished, he went out to run three miles with the Bishop.  Such a treat.

Photo: The St. Teresa's running crew with Bishop James D. Conley

The night before we went to a Carb fest with several of our friends.  We delighted at the fact that there were about 100 kids running around between a handful of couples.  Such a celebration of LIFE in so many aspects.


  1. Oh man, he is FAST!!! That's awesome! Do you run too (when your'e not pregnant?)

    1. I have run (singular). I much prefer organized fitness classes (Kickboxing, Crossfit type programs). I haven't done Crossfit, but plan to do it after our newest baby is born in September. John is a maniac. He can run millions of miles on our treadmill in the basement without watching or listening to anything. He loves it.

  2. The running pictures are hilarious. John is wearing a superhero grin in all of them while everyone else looks like they're hurting. Congrats John! And way to hit three stops with the kids, Lindsay. Awesome.

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