Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lillie's best talent: FREEDOM!!!

Lillie performing "The Butterfly Song."  I want to not forget her smile this evening. After each performance, she ran back to the staging area full of life and love.  
Last Saturday, we traveled to Omaha to attend John's cousin engagement party. Besides all the beautiful details and delicious food, I want to remember Lillie and her complete innocence. Although, I need to back up a week. I hosted bible study at my house the previous Monday. As I was preparing the dessert to be served, Lillie asked me several times if she could sing for my friends. She is convinced that when she is 11-years-old she will will be able to sing at the Lied Center in front of a crowd. The tickets will cost $50.00 according to her. She asks me often if people will come and if $50.00 is too much. I always tell her that I know so many people will come to see her sing. I don't know where she conjured up this idea, but in my perfect world I wish we could make this happen for her. As 13 of my adult friends sat outside, she came out to perform and shamelessly she did. She sang "America the Beautiful." Lillie was as confident as could be and could have cared less if she sounded or looked good. She wanted to sing in front of my friends. They were all sweet to affirm her gift and the courage it took for her to perform for them. Fast forward to Saturday, she worked with her two cousins tirelessly to present two numbers for the crowd of party attendees. She wasn't ever embarrassed and had the most genuine smile. I told my sister-in-law how much I wish I could have her freedoms. God has given her freedoms that very few people have. She is a free person. She knows who she is and doesn't pretend to be anything she is not. I am guessing that is why she loves animals so much. I came across this great quote from G.K. Chesterton when writing about animals, "They have no choice, they cannot be anything but themselves." Of course, Lillie is not an animal, but she has the same pureness of intent in all her actions. Of all of our children, she never cares about those worldly things...EVER...EVER. She loves animals, parties, people, and is truly the most thoughtful person I know.


  1. That is a wonderful trait to have. I've always been so shy as a child and as an adult. I know her gift of confidence and freedom will help many souls. She is such a precious gift!

  2. I absolutely know what you mean. Freedom for. To be pure, holy, full of good intentions always and to see with pure eyes. It is a lovely gift from God.

  3. Your children are precious, and I love this story! Good for Lillie, for being so good hearted and just being herself. She'll be quite a confident, lovely young woman some day! Your blog is a breath of fresh air - such lovely writing and you take such joy and pride in your beautiful family. Love it!