Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fourth of July Picture Extravaganza!

We trekked to Beloit over the Fourth of July weekend to celebrate with 8 of my 10 siblings, their spouses, and several friends of all over. The five day vacation was filled with way too much food compliments of mostly my mother, Maria, and Kristin. They were machines and just kept pumping out incredible meals each day. We mainly just sit around and talk. We laughed how we just rotated our chairs around the house and yard to find the perfect perch to keep an eye on all of the children.
Early the first morning, we hopped on over to a Crossfit competition where John, Andrew, Maria, Jora, Timmy, Austin, Kristin, Hilary, Samantha, and my incredible mother competed.

She really is in amazing shape and I won't even say for her age because she is just in good shape all together.  She has always exercised since I can remember and has fallen in love with Crossfit.  She could sell the program to anyone.
Kristin and Mammy.
Mam was champ.  She had just got into town around 5:30 AM and still competed.
John's idea of a perfect day.
Andrew is also ridiculous.  In high school, he once scored 9 touchdowns in ONE game.  NINE.  He is an athlete just like my father was.  

OF COURSE, Muscles, I mean, Hilary won the competition.  She should probably be illegal with her muscle ratio compared to the rest of us.  She is a personal trainer and is the BEST at motivating anyone.  I love how she never gives up on people (ahem, me.)  She always has great suggestions and really hopes for people.  Ever since she was little, she has had a love for the underdog. 
Mom won the award for the oldest competitor.  She had an extra skip in her step all day.  

The slide was intended for the children, but was quickly taken over by the adult males complete with an obstacle course until someone got hurt.
Then, we turned to racing.  Of course, it was for the kids and then the males took over.  
Even Fr. Konrade joined in on the far right in his clerics.  

Fireworks, glow bands, ice cream, late nights=Happy Childhood.

We rented out our public pool the next night which was a major hit once again filled with obstacle courses and competitions.

I really am thankful for my mother who housed, fed, and endured everybody so cheerfully for an extended visit.  She is so good about tolerating the constant mess and extensive noise.  She is a servant of all for sure!

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  1. Oh how I love your family Lindsay. :) I loved the crossfit pictures of your mom - she's motivated Ms. June to get exercising, which makes me sooo happy! :)