Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Discovering your mother

I remember finding items that belonged to my mother when I was a child.  I loved her small butterfly earrings and vowed when I got my ears pierced that I would wear them everyday.  She kept them in a small container on the bathroom ledge that I looked at every time I used the bathroom.  I loved looking through her wedding photos.  I remember a black Sacred Heart prayer book she kept on a top shelf that I loved looking through to find the prayer to St. Joseph.  I remember her keeping a Bettsie Gussman art book that we weren't allowed to look through without her.  Oh, I loved when she would let us.

I have noticed our girls discovering their mother.  They ask me more and more questions about my own childhood and what my parents did when we were little.  My mom and I talk frequently on the phone each day and I have noticed my girls laying around me when we talk.  When I ask them if they need anything, they always reply "I just like listening to you talk to your mom."  They hear every story and ask more details when I am off the phone.  My mom told me her grandfather always wrote her back if she wrote him and would send her one dollar.  They love that story. 

This past summer, their movie of choice was John and I's wedding.  We would laugh as they would watch it over and over again.  Then one fine morning...they discovered my preserved dress under one of our beds in the basement.  Can you imagine the excitement?

 They also have been wearing my shoes all day.  They pick their pair out in the morning and clomp around all day.  Zellie asked me yesterday what I think God wants her to be when she gets older.  I told her my thoughts once again on vocational callings and she said she hopes God wants her to be a mother because it looks so fun. 


  1. Precious, I love this. I love how much my kids like to hear me tell stories of when I was young, even my teenagers still like to hear them. They especially love being surrounded by my husband's brothers and hear them tell stories of when their Dad was young.

  2. I love how all the baby dolls have lost their clothes-cute!

  3. I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your blog. Everything you say strikes my heart. You are such a great example of a loving mother, wife, and friend. Thank you for being visible and open with your life. You are helping more people than you know! Thank you!

  4. long silence...baby Boever?