Thursday, September 5, 2013

Her first shiner

Damaris received her first shiner this past Sunday at the park. She was so excited to go down the slide that she tried to walk down the slide, slipped, and smashed her eye right on the edge. The worst part is the fact that I saw it happen. I was standing right there to see her slip and fall. She did the cry that you don't hear anything for about 15 seconds and was kicking her legs in pain and needing to take a breath. It always breaks my heart.
She was a bit abrasive about getting a photo of her shiner taken.  She might be our first child to ever get a black eye.  I don't ever remember another incident so that really embarrassed her.

Almost 17 months.  Pure happiness with a lot of fit throwing and adorable antics in between that makes her simply adorable to our entire family.  

Smirky bird after her morning cleanse.  My favorite part of the day.

Curly hair much attributed to her father who had beautiful blond curls as a baby.

Shiner-Day 4


  1. wow...that profile...her whole face....just wow. utter cuteness.