Friday, October 18, 2013

Kapaun-One Month old

I almost feel funny typing that he is already one month old.  Is time in some sort of vortex on turbo speed?  How could his birth already have been one month ago?  It is funny though because now I can honestly not remember what life was like without Kapaun.  Even if I look at pictures of all the kids before he was born, the picture looks incomplete without him in them.

 He woke up this morning with his first cold and cough.  All the other kids had colds this week too.  He weighs 11.5 pounds which is outstanding for me because usually our babies are very slow weight gainers.  I am proud.
 He loves his mama.  I love how he perches over my shoulder after nursing.  He is starting to look around more and more with his bobble head.  Each day we get a few more smiles. 

 He had a good week.  I wrote earlier in the week about his fussiness which prompted me to change a few more things in my diet.  I eliminated wheat and  started a probiotic with him.  We called our chiropractor and hope to get him in tomorrow or the beginning of next week.
He still hasn't figured out sleeping at night.  We usually see every hour most nights.  I know the routine by now and know full well how quickly he will be sleeping through the night.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to get a few hours of straight sleep, but if I can get a shower in the morning we usually are okay.  He usually sleeps great on me so a lot of nights I let him.  I don't mind.  I can't blame you because just a few short months ago you were next to me everyday, all the time.  What an adjust you are going through!  We will get it down.
 Everyone asks me who he looks like.  He very much resembles Vianney and I can see blond sprouts on top of his head.  Be still my heart if he looks like her and has her blond curly hair. 


  1. I love his sweet face!
    How do you pronounce his name again? I kept insisting to my husband it was in no way phonetic, but he doesn't believe me.
    Your sister Samantha sings at our parish for Mass. So happy to have found your lovely blog!

    1. We pronounce his name K-Pin. Some pronounce it Ka-Pon. Oh Samantha, I want her to come and live with me forever. Thank you for writing.

  2. So glad to hear that you have seen some improvement with him. Good luck with the chiropractic care!
    I don't know if it is a coincidence but my husband checks and adjusts our babies from day one and we haven't had a fussy one yet. We have three now and the fourth on the way so we will see if the trend continues. We use the BioGaia (probiotic for babies) on each of them too in the first month or so just to give their systems a boost in addition to breastfeeding.

  3. So glad to hear this week went more smoothly Lindsay. He is SUCH a cutie. Continued prayers for you all through this transition time.
    God Bless,

  4. I can't believe it's been a month, either.
    You are right: it's amazing how fast a new baby takes his place in the family, leaving you wondering how it was ever empty. I was downloading pictures from our camera yesterday. Our twins are just 11 days old, but I was looking for them in pictures of my three older children from two weeks ago.
    I see Vianney in Kapuan's face, too. He's just precious.

  5. He seems so alert, like he can't get enough of watching everyone around him! What a love:)

  6. A month already?!! It doesn't seem possible. He is just precious. And all mine slept right next to me or on me for the first month or two - I think it takes them awhile to not need that after they are born.

  7. Goosness Lyndsay you could be writing my blog right now! This week was better for us (our issue was oversupply and I hope to get her on a reflux med this week...she just puked on me as I typed this), I usually see every hour at night, she'll sleep just fine hanging over my shoulder, she has her first cold (and pink eye :( ) AND is rocking the weightgain. 9 lbs at two weeks! Sam was never above 5% percentile on a good day. anyway, keep trucking along mama! I'm right there with ya :) I've got lots of extra blue bulbs if you need one!

  8. It's a good idea to take Kapaun to the chiropractor and starting him on probiotics. He'll be so much healthier that way. Eliminating wheat now is much easier to do when they are young. He won't know what he is missing. He is getting bigger and growing stronger already. Great job! Congratulations on your healthy baby!

    Michale Heim @ Burke Chiropractic