Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Moving along...What we have been up to these past weeks

We have been praying for almost two years for guidance in our home buying decision. I knew God would provide when He saw fit. We looked at several homes last summer when my sister lived with us, but didn't find the changes in the homes we were after. We looked at a few during the winter and a few this past summer again, but nothing. At this point, I pretty much didn't think about it past my morning prayer to St. Joseph asking his intercession to put it on John's heart if he saw it part of God's will for our lives.

Two days before we had Kapaun, our realtor called to say that she had found "the one." We viewed the home that evening and agreed that it was perfect for our family, BUT I was due with our eighth child in a couple days and the timing was really bad. I knew there was no way to put our home on the market and get it ready to show plus have a new baby and all those adjustments.

After numerous conversations and prayers, we agreed that we would take the selling of our home as the go-ahead to buy the new home. We agreed to show the home only in bundled showings so the likelihood of it selling was low, in my opinion. For about two weeks, we ended up showing the home almost everyday and after two weeks I was ready to be done. John did all the work to get the home ready.  He didn't want me doing anything as Kapaun was only days old, but it just got to be too much. We decided to slow the showings down to just Sundays. Our realtor agreed, but asked if she could show it one more time that night and THAT WAS THE COUPLE WHO BOUGHT IT.
Big decisions like this are hard for us, but have found confidence that the doors kept opening even when we were ready to be done.  We have brought five babies home to this house on Duxhall Court.  I have watched my little ones grow up in this home so of course the emotional strings are very long.  We are completely grateful for our new home and know that God will continue to make His will known. 
Kapaun of the day.  5 weeks old.
So, we begin packing up all our things in preparation for our move in a month.  The kids are so excited and each love something different about our new home.  It is only about five miles from our current house so it is not a huge move which will be nice. 

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