Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chess Obsessed

Dominic is part of a chess club that plays once a week.  Consequently, he has taught all his sisters (and parents, ahem) to play.  Clairvaux even knows how to play.  I bet they play 20+ games of chess a day.

Kapaun gets a crash course.

Stripes were required for this match.

First thing in the AM.  I love if one of the pawns are missing they will substitute with another play figurine.  (See the man on the top of the board and Mother Teresa is the queen near Zellie).


  1. My oldest son's name is Dominic too, and he is 6 1/2 years old. He LOVES chess, and he constantly asks anyone in our family to play with him multiple times a day. I need to learn how to play once and for all, so that I can say "yes" more often when he asks me. A chess club is a great idea! I know my Dominic would love something like that. The photos of your kids playing together are awesome! I love that the baby is already learning how to play too!

  2. This is so sweet. You have a beautiful family ~ and I love your header photo!! I have many children, too. We just had our 10th baby in June. Children are such a blessing. God bless you all this Holiday Season :)

  3. Love this chess set! Where did you buy it please?

  4. I just found your blog today. A friend linked a post your wrote about why people only have 2 children...wonderful post by the way (:
    Anyway, I spent some time perusing and I love it!
    Wonderful family (:

  5. Lindsey - I just wanted to chime in and say that I love your blog and how much you inspire me to live in the moment and not take one second for granted. Of course I fail at that daily, but I keep trying. I would love to have a large family, but right now we have 4 little Saints in heaven and 1 almost-2 year old daughter who is our Christmas Miracle baby. But she is a gift from God and if she is the only one we are blessed with this side of Heaven, I don't want to miss out on experiencing the joy that she is, because I am sad by what we don't have. (Not sure if that makes sense.) Anyway, we are praying earnestly for another child this side of Heaven, but God's will be done. Anyway, I saw on fb a link to a post you had written almost 4 years ago and I read it - (by the way it was beautiful). But I was saddened by all of the negative comments. Thank you for being a witness to life in a sea of so much confusion!

  6. I just read your post on Facebook. I just had baby #6 (11th pregnancy) and you explained what I couldn't. Three kids run in three different directions, but a pack of 6 children run as a herd in one direction. Plus the oldest can make lunches! Thank you for being a support to me. It is lonely being a mom of a large clan. I'll take support wherever I can. (just not from the government :)

  7. I also just found your blog and agree with the above comments. Also, curious about your chess set, our 8 year old is teaching the family and we would like to get a kid friendly, easily storable set for Christmas. Thanks


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