Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bedient Pipe Organ Field Trip

We toured the Bedient Pipe Organ facility today with our homeschool group.  Bishop Conley wrote an article awhile back about how beauty will save our culture.  I couldn't help but think of his words and thoughts during this field trip.

This beauty was brought to them from Oregon where five students had bashed the pipes in with a hammer causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.  It took them three weeks alone to disassemble the organ to transport back to Nebraska.  They will have to individually replace each pipe one by one.

The man leading the tour loved his profession and truly had a love for organ making and music.

The pulls or "Stops" as they are called is were the term "Pulling out all the stops" comes from.  When all the stops are pulled out, the organ is playing its loudest and grandest.

12 weeks today!

Dominic and I decided this is were orcs were made for middle earth.

Both John and I were completely enamored by the painstaking beauty of time and love put into making these organs by hand and the old-fashioned way.  To be fair, I am not even sure that organs are made a "modern" way, but to see all the wood carving tools and instruments used to make each pipe was a sight for us to behold.


  1. Aw man, I forgot about this one! You guys are so adventuresome.

  2. A homeschool girl (when we lived in Virginia) went to a lot of effort to learn the organ. She would come by weekly to our home and give the boys choir class bringing her brothers along. Her love of the instrument inspired all of us to a deeper reverence for it, I would LOVE to take my kids on a field trip such as this.