Friday, January 17, 2014

Damaris-21 months

She is as fun as she looks! Personality plus and I love it! She is our first finger sucker of any sorts. She started sucking her thumb right after Kapaun was born which made me sad. My sister Damaris spent her college break with us these past weeks. Damaris loves Damaris. Their love is mutual. I told my sister that she can't leave us because my little Damaris will start sucking her other thumb and maybe her toes out of despair.

I wrote a week or so ago that her nickname has changed from Denver to Chancho.  Her theme song goes like this:
Her name is...... Chancho, Chancho, Chancho, Chancho Villa.
Chancho, Chancho, Chanch. (Insert me doing the Hawaii 5-0 arm dance)

"Mom, should I believe anything she says?"

Her first attempt at being petite and not her usual linebacker self.


  1. Love the curly pigtails! She's getting so big!

  2. She reminds me so much of my Posy- and Posy had a rough adjustment to our new babies as well. That picture of her and Kapaun is hilarious!