Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monkey see, Monkey do

I remember loving to read while I was eating breakfast in the morning. It was my morning wake up. I loved pouring a huge bowl of cereal, finding a great book, and then sitting at our dining room table lost in the book while munching cereal. Often, I would just read the cereal box over and over. I love watching the kids in the morning eating their breakfast. Usually, each of them has a book propped up in front of them.

So, of course somebody follows the crowd.  Now, she will only eat if she has a book propped up in front of her.  She will even pretend to thumb through a chapter book with no pictures just because.
Aunt Damaris, Did you notice the goggy-goggy book?

If you really look at a small child, they really have so many small adorable habits.  I love watching them eat especially when they are learning to feed themselves.  I love how their mouth tries to maneuver around a fork and spoon.  I love how it takes so much concentration to aim it just right.
Although, the tell-tale sign that a meal is being enjoyed is the crossed feet.  I find it so darling when she crosses her feet.  It is her way of saying, "Thank you."


  1. Adorable! She looks like such a ham! LOVE her!

  2. Just this week, by way of grunts and squawks, Rachel informed me that she NEEDS to "read" the back of the cereal box during breakfast. Now each day she points and reaches till I put in where she can touch the sides and point at the pictures and babble about words. I love when they imitate their big siblings' habits! So sweet!

    I also love that Rose and Dominic have the two copies of the same Garfield book. Hilarious!

  3. Oh gosh. Damaris is so cute! I love it when my Posy crosses her feet, too. I'm going to smile from now on when I see it as her thank you. :)