Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Oh Delly!

Zellie and I have a language that we speak to each other to Kapaun. The concept probably doesn't make much sense, but it makes sense to us. She will say in a deep voice as if Kapaun is talking, "Oh Mama. I really need to nurse." I always rhyme back to her, "Oh Delly or are you Zellie? Sometimes your feet are smelly especially after you eat jelly." Oh, she laughs and laughs each time.
Zellie is really good at playing for extra long periods of time. 
I thought it was just precious how she set all the guys up at tables eating together.

These fellas had a few too many.

These two are buddies. I have groupings of children that play together the majority of the day.  Rose and Dominic play together.  Zellie and Vianney always play together.  Clairvaux and Damaris get in trouble together.  Lillie is the floater. In fact, just tonight we went roller skating and sent everyone to bed around 9:45. I went upstairs to check on the crew and these two were playing a game of chess together.  Cute...but go to bed.  How did the chess board get upstairs without me noticing?
She is still pretty much enamored with Kapaun. She always ask to hold him.

Rose and Lillie are pretty unaware of their appearance.  Not Zellie.  She copies anything I wear or notices others and what they are wearing.  She sheepishly asked last week if I could find her a pair of jeans stating she's always wanted to wear a jeans.  Our girls always wear dresses not for any reason beyond we think it is cute and ladylike.  I like a great pair of jeans too!  Zellie desired a pair of jeans.  I found a pair at Target on clearance one night so I bought them for her.  She was up when I came home and I pulled her aside and told her that I had a little treat for her.  She pulled out the jeans and put them right on and hasn't taken them off since. She often can be found wearing small rubber bands as rings on her fingers.

Notice the pearls.


  1. I noticed the jeans on her before I read about them! So funny that she just wanted a pair of jeans. She is a beautiful girl.

  2. The jeans struck me before I saw the comment as well! I must be subconsciously used to always seeing your girls in dresses :).

    I love her in the sling seat with Kapaun. Too cute!

  3. What a sweetheart!
    Calico critters have afforded countless hrs of entertainment at our house for years, and they're still going strong. My #2 just saved enough to buy a bunk bed for her little's.
    Every girl likes a pair of jeans. ;) Even to wear with a cute baby doll swing top!

  4. Like I said, I love that girl's style :)

  5. I stumbled across your blog a little while ago, but this post was just so cute I had to comment. I always remember wearing dresses as a little girl growing up, and I loved it. In fact, none of us really though to wear pants until I was at recess in elementary school (maybe 1st grade?). The teacher came up to my mom in the carpool line that afternoon and lightly suggested that I might want to wear shorts under my jumper if I was planning on climbing around on the monkey bars all of the time... haha.