Thursday, February 27, 2014

The furthest we've been away from each other

I believe in the five months he has been with us on the outside this might be the furthest we've been away from each other.  I take  107% of the full responsibility for the condition my babies have known as velcro.  They love me and let's see, oh yes, that would be me and me again.  He will tolerate his father and his siblings for a little bit, but don't get crazy. 
There we go.  Much better.  We are now touching cheeks.
Kapaun is developing his repertoire of nicknames quickly.  I've mentioned that I am a master nicknamer and song developer extraordinaire.

His current nicknames are as follows:
1.    Francis Scott Key
2.   Franky Scott Key or just Franky
3.   KJ or Cage
4..   Ka-PON.  We put a heavy emphasis on the PON.
5.  Daymond John (This is John's favorite)  Have you seen the Shark Tank?  We thought he looked like a lighter version of Daymond John, the fashion mogul.
6.  For short, we call him DJ.
7.  Kape
8.  Diddle
Dominic calls him Boy and refers to himself as Big Brother
Dominic just told him that Gilbert Blythe was dying.  I know, we all felt the same way.
Just tricking. Gilbert lives!
I couldn't leave wild woman out of the post.  This picture screams many captions.  Teenage rebellion.  I am going to the roller rink and you can't stop me.  Rink Rat.  You can't make me wear more than a onesie.  My hair is a disaster. I just swallowed 13 Lego heads.  How you like me now?
Well, look who pulled it together?  Boots and Sassy jean jacket in all.
I couldn't leave out Zellie either in her daily hat of choice.  She always has a hat on. 
This was taken after her second bath of the day due to a run in with peanut butter and jelly.  It was bad.  Look at her darling curls.

This is her face when I ask her to Smile.  She just keeps her thumb in her mouth and squints her eyes.  It is by far my favorite thing she does.


  1. I am dying at the picture of Demaris with the jean jacket and boots. Kill me know. So cute! And the roller skates picture screams "16 Candles"...I don't know why, maybe just that era? And yes, the little guy could totally pass for Daymond John. Does that make Dominic "Mr. Wonderful"? :)

  2. I just died laughing at the Gilbert Blythe lines. And the "how you like me now?". Too funny!

  3. "how you like me now?" I'm dying!

  4. You have a pink KitchenAid mixer?!?! How fun is that to have in the kitchen? Mine is just plain grey. Cause I"m boring. Your children are adorable too! ;0)

  5. Where to begin on this post?!!???!
    KJ is SO cute! And the Gilbert Blythe line had me cracking up!
    Damaris...I don't think there's been a post where SHE doesn't crack me up! And yes, what is up with a bath after every meal? My 18 month old is at the same stage.
    Sweet Zellie, I have 2 hats here SCREAMING her name! Seriously, I could just see them on her right now. She's be ready for the Easter Parade!