Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Accessorize and Chancho (not Tonto) Rides Again

I took our children last week to a townhall meeting to hear Ben Sasse speak. Ben is running for U.S. Senate here in Nebraska. We are working on his family council committee. The kids were so excited to meet him. On the way over, we reviewed the protocol on what we do when we meet somebody.

1. Look them in the eyes and shake their hand with a firm grip and say
2. "It is nice to meet you, Mr. Sasse."
3. Ask them something about their life and when leaving offer your hand again and say,
4. "It was nice to have met you, Mr. Sasse."

 The older kids know what to do, but Clairvaux is kind of new to the routine. We had to rehearse a few times and then she remarked something along the lines of "I thought we weren't supposed to be sassy." Back to square one.  Somehow, she confused Ben Sasse (pronounced Sass) with being sassy.  Not quite, but yes you aren't allowed to be sassy.
The Jean Jacket Crew at the town hall meeting.
Anyway, I think accessories are one of my favorites about having a bunch of little girls.  I love all their jean jackets, hair bows, crazy tights,  and sparkly shoes.  Zellie is my accessory girl.  She always has some sort of bracelet combination or hat attire donned throughout the day.

Chancho's fringe boots were a steal.  Clairvaux has the same pair.  I wish I had found them in my size.

I found Chancho pondering the meaning of life as depicted in the above picture.  She was rocking very slowly and just watching all the happenings of the road this fine morning.
I watched her for a while, but then squinty eyes heard the camera click and she turned around.  As you were, Chancho.

We stuff Chancho into skinny jeans every day.  Sometimes, I just do things for my own viewing pleasure.
 I am still chuckling about this.  Clairvaux and Chancho were doing portraits.  Clairvaux proudly walked up to me and said, "Look, I drew Risardo.  (That is what she calls her)  I drew her pokey hair and her forehead."  I looked closer and died laughing.  Due to the run-in with the fireplace a few weeks back, Damaris has a bruise mark that still runs across her forehead.  I wasn't able to get my camera fast enough because at first Clairvaux had just drawn a line across the forehead on the picture.  Then, she corrected herself and put the full bump and bruise.  I am sure it was just funny to John and I, but the evolution and thought behind her details cracked me up.  She even knows that Chancho has wild and pokey hair.  Wondering what the lines are around her nose?  Damaris has a constant facet dripping from her nose so that was "Risardo's nose drippings."
"Risardo" by Clairvaux Boever 3 1/2


  1. AWESOme! Kid drawings are THE best! I love to see the details that are so necessary in their minds, they're always perfect, but one's we tend to overlook.

  2. : ) Thank you for the smile this morning.

  3. :) such beauty in your family! love the humor too.