Monday, March 31, 2014

Dominic's 12th Birthday

What I wish I could tell a new mother! I wish I could tell you how fast it really goes. I wish I could tell you that the older they get, the faster it goes. You don't really get 18 years together. As God designed it, they start their preparations to jump from the nest earlier than 18 years of age. I wish I could tell you that you will never regret a day spent getting to know your children. I AM SO grateful I have spent the time getting to know you, Dominic. I have loved being your mother since I first saw you. Although, I have loved being your mother when I first knew you were even inside of me. Your father and I gave our childbearing decisions over to God before we were even married so the first month after our wedding that I wasn't expecting a baby, I cried. When the second month rolled around and I saw two lines on the pregnancy test, I am sure that the shock wave of my elation was felt around the world. We were overcome with so much joy.  We called the whole family immediately!
Our traditional Village Inn breakfast the morning of your birthday.  I told him that if he becomes a priest that I will take him out to Village Inn every morning after morning mass.  I don't tell him this as a bribe.  It is just a nod to our favorite breakfast eatery. I would take him out every morning even if he is married, but I am betting early that is sweet wife won't be to fond of the idea. 

You are everything I dreamed about when I envisioned our children before we were married.  Your goodness radiates to the world.  You have a million friends because you are a good friend.  I enjoy talking to you like I would a close friend.  I know I am not the only one.  You have been such a joy that I have found myself thinking to myself how much I wish I could go back and do it all again from the beginning.  I wouldn't change much besides letting you watercolor paint more when you were little.  You loved to paint and for some reason I always felt like it was such a big process to get everything set up.  Man.  I would whip out those paints anytime now and let you at it.  Dumb new mothering theories.  I am so grateful I walked you down to the goldfish lady when we lived in Tahlequah, OK every afternoon.  I really did watch you and was present.  I loved our drives when we would circle the town looking for back hoes for you to study so intently.  I loved how we drove by the house that burned down and I would slow down and wait until you checked out every corner of the house.  I loved how we would go to Wal-mart and you loved to study the cakes in the bakery.  I am so grateful I let you do that.  I am so grateful I knew this was special to you and to ME.  I loved how you desired to go the Christmas store and look at all the ornaments.  That was sure fun. 
Your father and I notice every good thing you do.  I see all the times you help out.  I see your perfect obedience.  I see you striving to grow in holiness and to get to heaven.  Thank you for being a peace maker in our home.  Thank you for your cheerful attitude about everything. 
I wish I could convey to you the joy it brings to my heart that you still wave to me from the football field during the game.  I sat in the Surburban yesterday during the game with Kapaun stretching my neck trying to watch every play and to catch your signature wave after each play.  I felt time yesterday.  I don't know how many more years you will be playing football let alone waving to us during the game so I tried to catch each one. 

Bilbo Baggins' journal.

As always, I couldn't love you more.  Thank you for being our son.


  1. Happy birthday, Dominic! As usual, I am crying happy tears after reading one of your posts. God Bless your first born!

  2. Lindsay, I am more than confident that his wife will be dying to eat every day breakfast with her mother-in-law.... :P

  3. Lindsay, I have never commented before, but have been an avid reader for some time now. As a young wife and new mother myself, I would LOVE to read a post on "what you would tell a new mother." Although, to be fair, all of your posts are filled with such sage advice on how to view the beautiful vocation of motherhood :). I just wanted to thank you for being such a gift to me and such a lovely example of what it means to strive for sainthood as mother, and how to lead her children to sainthood as well. I can't tell you how many nights I was about to lose patience after getting up for the zillionth time to nurse, and then reading a post of yours while nursing in an effort to kill time, and how that selfish angst melted into deep gratitude for the gift of getting to hold my baby in the quiet of the night. It is a struggle to always be aware of the gift of each moment with our children, but you have helped me so much in that regard, and I am so very grateful. You and your beautiful family are in my prayers. Happy birthday to handsome and holy Dominic!

    1. I agree! Please do a post on what you would tell new moms! Getting ready to birth my second baby any day now and my first is under 2 years old. All of your posts are truly the best resource that I have on holy positive mothering, ...truly out of all books, blogs, videos, people, ect YOU inspire my vocation to motherhood the most and amazingly help melt away whatever negative thought or emotion I am experiencing (from the devil no doubt) and just savor the gift and the present moment of being a mom! Thank you! I think you should write a book! I really do. When I first discovered your blog I went back through and read ALL of your posts in a matter of a few days. (And I am NOT a blog reader). Lol. My heart gobbled up such truth and beauty! :) pray about if God is asking you to write a book... it would be such a needed blessing in these dire times! God bless you and love you!

  4. I have to agree with Katie! I've been a long-time reader and am blessed by your joyful view of motherhood. I am not yet a mother but can't WAIT to be one day - and I would love to read wisdom to new mothers from you.

    Happy birthday, Dominic!