Friday, March 7, 2014

Pretty in Peach

This beautiful child turned five years old this week.  I wish I could photocopy, duplicate, replicate, or somehow make copies of your wonderfulness.  You are such a perfect little girl.  You are so very sweet and obedient.  You are just happy to be alive.  I like you a lot.
You still seem so small to me.  You have slowly this year joined the ranks of one of the big kids.  You get to stay up when they stay up.  You are our singer.  You can let loose the best in the house.  Clairvaux is blessed to have your calm temperament above her so hopefully it will mellow her wild hairs down.  She's a spicy one. 
I hope to post about your birthday soon.  I had such a mixture of emotions on your birthday. I felt this ridiculous guilt for not throwing you a huge party.  You were looking so forward to your golden birthday.  Your face was beautiful with anticipation. I felt as though I just threw the party together. I am just so grateful for your life and I wanted the party to match the intensity of my gratitude.  I know you were unaware, but it matters to me. You had a wonderful day with going out to breakfast, cousins, cake, presents, Dollar Tree presents from your siblings.  We went to Ash Wednesday mass by ourselves.  I enjoyed the time holding you on my lap.
It is crazy I felt so guilty because you are a child easy to admire on a daily basis.  Your sweet ways are just a beautiful accessory to my daily doings.  Nothing will get you faster by my side than an open book.  You get so into the story, I can almost feel you melt into my side.  You really have caught onto reading this past month by yourself.  It is always enchanting to listen to your child read.