Saturday, April 26, 2014

Truman Maher

This was awesome to behold. The kids do things all day that make me laugh my head off. There are so many times my camera lens misses something completely hysterical, so incredibly funny, or something so absolutely precious. I wasn't meant to capture everything on film or video. I often take pictures with my eyes, literally. I will forever regret not capturing the original version of Clairvaux singing this song. I walked by the room to find her KNEELING, strumming her blow-up guitar and BELTING Matt Maher's "Lord, I Need You." It was so awesome. I quickly retrieved my camera and had her sing it again. I wish, oh how I wish, I had captured the organic version.
In case you aren't familiar with the song, here is the original that she has watched over and over. I had no idea how she had studied the video right down to him kneeling while playing and my favorite at 2:54 (girl with outstretched arms). Lillie took over being Matt Maher and Clairvaux took on the role of girl kneeling with outstretched arms worshiping Jesus in the Eucharist. (I have no picture of that jazz.)  I am still recovering. She has also been seen playing the role of the man in 3:04. (No picture of that either.)
Girl in the video at 2:54.  Nut.


  1. When I was in high school Matt sang in choir at St. Timothy's in Arizona. That is the parish I went to with my parents, and we LOVED when he sang. There is something so powerful and loving about his singing, that he always had the parish moved to tears. He really helped make the mass relevant and beautiful for the younger generation at St. Tim's. I remember being so sad when I moved to Alaska that I would not get to hear him anymore. Looks like he has been quite busy since those days, and now I can listen to him on CD, yeah!!!

  2. That was very entertaining, I too often capture some of our best moments with my eyes. After the fun is over I look and say people would not believe the fun that is going on in this house, I agree that means that these moments weren't meant to be captured but to be held in memory.

  3. Everything about this is beautiful - and thank you for posting that video of Matt singing this song. It touched my heart!