Thursday, May 1, 2014

MoVeS like Jagger

Who is she? Adam Levine? Yes I did. Every time I looked at these pictures I couldn't not hum the tune to Moves like Jagger.I uploaded every picture I took because I couldn't believe I was capturing this ridiculousness. I couldn't wait for John to get home so I could show him what treasures I was hoarding on my camera. She loves the karaoke machine. She generally sings Puff the Magic Dragon or a couple of our history sentences for CC, but today she branched out.
She was acting like professional and she knew I was enjoying every minute of it.  Shot of the year!
You can only be so cool with an Elmo diaper on.

Reaching low for the high keys.  Get it Girl!

Right leg.

I even caught on video her scream belting Lord, I Need You.  She loves the echo sound so the video really sounds bad, but we know what she is doing.  I then had her sing her #1 chart topper.  The kids learned a memory verse this year about World War II.  She must have loved it because she sings that all day long.  She is speaking in two-year-old so I will translate the later half of her performance.

She sings:
World War II AXIS leaders were: Hitler of Germany, Tojo of Japan, and Mussolini of Italy.  

There is more to the song, but she usually just repeats this over and over.  I love this video.


  1. Ahh, my little girl loves to sing big brother's history sentences as well! She likes that one too-guess it has a good tune? She was meant for the stage:)

  2. This is so hilarious! I LOVE your kids and look forward to every post. Keep up the good work!
    13-year-old lover of Damaris :P