Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Night reading and Night watching

I thoroughly delight making my rounds at night checking on the inhabitants of each bedroom several times.  I love seeing the glow of their reading lights flickering in the dark bedroom.  It is funny to me to see as the minutes click by at night each light gradually turn off and each child fall asleep. 
If the book is good, they will read for hours.
My current favorite baby item that we own is our monitor.  We all love watching Kapaun explore his bed.  We gather around the monitor and laugh about his headstands and especially how he stands in this specific corner waiting for the nursery door to open.  He often hangs his arms over the side.  I have enjoyed our daily home video immensely. 


  1. Just curious, how many do you have in one room/how does that work for you all? We're expecting #5 in November and my older kids (almost 5 and 3.5) REALLY want to share a room with their 19-month-old twin sisters, buuuuut I'm not so sure about having that many in one room when they're all pretty noisy about getting to sleep!

  2. Also curious about the rooms...we have a 3 bedroom house and currently each of our kids has their own room. I would/will be nervous about having shared rooms, especially for little ones who still wake up at night. Do they wake each other up?

  3. Ok - I'm jumping on the bandwagon, too! Who shares rooms and how do you fit them? Do Dominic and Lillie share? And at what point will you separate them for privacy/modesty? I ask only because I only have one girl and 4 boys, so she always just had her own room. We were two and two with the boys until she moved out after college, and now our oldest two have their own rooms and the younger two share. My friend recently moved into a house and has her youngest two together - a boy and a girl, but they are 5 and 3. I'm always curious about how other people decide the room sharing with the different personalities! Love all the bunk beds - my husband and I dream of adding on a big room to the back of the house to make a "bunk room" for future grandchildren visits!

  4. I`m just as curious as everybody else. please please please, share your recipe? tks