Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A boy and a dog

My sister and her husband have two Boston Terriers. Each time they visit is like the first time our children have ever seen their dogs. They LOVE them. Kapaun was absolutely adorable the last time they visited. He was so overcome with glee at the dogs that he couldn't contain his excitement. He was squealing with delight. He wanted to pinch, squeeze, and slobber all over the dogs. I sure do wish we had the desire to get our children a dog as I know they would be delighted.
He really thought Sophie would talk to him. He was trying so hard to converse with them. 

I think he learned to sprint after the dogs visited last month.  His chubby legs couldn't keep up with them.


  1. Precious! I will be praying for you all and for your precious baby girl and her healing. I know two families whose children were born with omphaloceles and both are doing great at ages 5 and 9.

  2. OH! Look at little, smooshie Kapaun! What a little honey! I didn't know he was walking.

  3. I love his facial expressions!!