Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Fall Walk

We really cannot complain ever this winter due to the beauty this fall offered us for so long. I would be ashamed of myself. I love taking the kids on walks.  I "try" everyday after lunch to stroll around our neighborhood.  I think they enjoy it too.  I love to point out God's fingerprint everywhere to them.  I know when they are older and look back at their childhood, they will delight in our simple walks.  My father enjoyed walking through the cemetery because he knew so much history about the residents of Beloit, KS.  He knew I loved the connections of  different family members.
I read during naptime from the book Echo in Celebration the following paragraph:

"One of my favorite books is Exuberance: The Passion for Life, by Kay Redfield Jamison.  The first chapter, read in a restaurant, inspired me to walk a mile in 35-degree weather past a windy New England waterfront, rather than take a taxi, just so I could feel more of life.  I was very cold, but I spent 30 minutes reveling in a fisherman in a bright yellow dory, the song of automobile wheels on a 100-year-old bridge, a set of armor on a porch, lace curtains in a Colonial window, and lots of "hellos" to bundled up strangers.
I live and breathe life and learning.  Jamison's book made me want to share, with anyone who would listen, the joy and enthusiasm that results from living a life grounded in the exuberant love of learning--or rather, playing hide and seek with God as He reveals His creation (Prov. 25:2).  
This pictures doesn't capture how thoroughly incredible this scene was. These two trees were shaded every color...red, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple and the ground was covered with crayon shavings of each color.  Pink was the dominant color which was so enchanting.  I took them up really close to look at that beauty. 
I knew the days were numbered to enjoy the array of color so I was determined to go for a walk at dusk for them to fully understand how amazing fall is.  We walked for an hour and half.  Ironically, most of the trees lost their leaves the very next day.  Isn't it funny how God prompts even in the smallest of details.
Children are just so simple.  I feel as though we have attempted to show them many great and small wonders, but they usually can recall with great detail the smallest wonder with much more excitement and nostalgia.  My friend and I talk about how her kids always remember the time they sat under their covered porch during a heavy rainstorm to do their school work. Her kids ask to do that over and over. 

Every girls' worst nightmare.  This happened to me AT college, ON CAMPUS, IN FRONT OF MANY FELLOW CITIZENS.  I guess it is genetic.  Here she is all looking darling and little does she know...She not know now, but she know soon....(Mammy!!!)
She watched her sisters gather an abundance of leaves and toss them into the air.  So, she gathered her bundle and proceeded to drop them on the ground.  We have same thing....(Mom!!!)


  1. My best moments are walking with my children. It has replaced the family dinner in our house as family time. I love that you do this.

  2. ^^^Ditto to what Kerry said above. I know I don't comment all that often, but Lindsay hands down, you are my favorite blogger and I have been inspired to really see all the various moments that fill my day through the lens of gratitude and joy. Thank you for your witness to the beauty and holiness of daily family life.

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