Saturday, November 1, 2014

Time Marches On

These next few pictures are cute and adorably disproportionate as Zellie is shown heaving thunder thighs himself on her hip.  Not until you look back ONE SHORT YEAR AGO, do you really realize the galloping speed their lives are growing each day.  It is so intriguing to me how we develop as human beings from tiny infants to full-grown adults.  Yet, the lessons are still the same, we just get taller each year.  Looking back at my earlier years of motherhood and remembering the attempts at holding onto my old free self, but knowing that my vocation now was to be in the home carefully tending to the next generation.  Parts of that self still wanted to "See the World."  Now though, 12 1/2 years into mothering, even though the delights of the world are still interesting, I want to be home more than anywhere else without much of a second thought of anything else.  I still find world news and events exciting, but not at the expense of time spent with our family.  Even when I am away from home, my heart is pulled towards home.  When John so willingly offers me a chance to step away, I really just want to be home with him enjoying our children together.  We have invested years into our children and ironically those children become your intrigue, individual biographies to be read and re-read,  human beings to get to know over and over.  Funny how that works.  
My sister was going to come for a visit this summer.  We emailed back and forth about our plans.  I told her most what I was looking forward to was sitting out back on our porch swing together watching the kids play.  We did that multiple times this summer. 

One year ago.  ONE.  We couldn't help but chuckle at his legs.  Those legs go everywhere now at lightning speed.  He is trying so hard to talk.  He can throw a great fit.  I am surprised he learned to walk as his six other mothers carry him around like he still weighs 8 lbs. 7 oz.