Friday, January 16, 2015

Too Much Love

This kid receives so much love and attention that we often wonder how he will ever make it in life without an audience cheering him on. He is adored by all and is coddled by his sisters so much that marriage to just one women might be a little rough on him. Ha! We took all the kids in on Wednesday to be adjusted at the chiropractor. He acted like he knew what to do. He flattened out on the table just like he was supposed to. His fan club was giggling right along. To make matters worse, I mentioned to the doctor that he walks with one foot a little pigeon-toed. She wanted to see him walk so we took off his shoes, socks, and pants. We lined him up against the wall and we were all on the opposing wall encouraging him to walk toward all nine of us. He acted like he was on a stage. He started doing a little jig and dancing back and forth. His sisters started laughing and then he started laughing. It was an epic fail.
Thighs makes his sisters push him around.  It is no easy load and he usually breaks the stroller and blames us for the mishap.  He is stuffed into the stroller and it takes a bit of prying to dislodge the beast.

If Vianney is an Olympian, we have photos documenting her early training.

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  1. Oh my. His scowl. And how the front axl of the stroller is bent... Too darling.