Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

 I love you. I love you. I love you. You are my most dearest.  How can we ever thank you for all that you are and do?  You have blazed a trail before us.  You have walked the road to Calvary and back many times for your children.  You offered to take my sufferings and you did.  You stood watch diligently over our little bodies and souls for so many years.  Mothers are so beautifully fascinating.  They give without thinking day after day with so much HOPE that it is making a difference in the lives of their children.  You took on my sufferings with Lourdes.  Will I do the same?  Will I ask God to be sick so that my child might be spared?  Will I ask God to give me what might have been given to my child or grandchild?  Look at you!  You did it!  You stayed the course and fought the fight for Christ.  You sat with Jesus everyday during your illness and did not turn your back on Him even in those days where He seemed so silent.  You sat and loved and trusted that HIS plan is better than yours.  You have asked Our Lady over and over to watch over your children and lead them to heaven.
You are not afraid to watch your children carry heavy crosses.  I hope I can be the same.  You are not afraid because you LOVE much.  You trust that God will see them through.  In that love, you are not afraid to ask to carry the cross for them.  Look what you did for me and little Lourdes. 
I get my love of babies from you.  You love babies and find each one so beautiful.  You were determined to comfort Lourdes.  I loved how you would work with her.  I was so thankful you came to be with us even though you did not feel well.  For heaven's sake, you about checked out of this earth the week after you left our home with a terrible infection.  You did it for me.  I saw it.  I promise. 
You were always amazed I didn't have as strong devotion to the Blessed Mother as you because of the nature of our relationship.  I see now.  Thank you for teaching me about her.  I have always loved her, but now I get it.  She is everything I want to be. 
Your sense of humor is such a gift to our family.  Your bald jokes made us all laugh.  Your face really became more beautiful as you suffered.  I am not just saying that.  Everyone who encountered you said the same. 
Our children think you are so wonderful.  I came downstairs tonight to them finishing the rosary for you as you prepare for your last chemo treatment tomorrow morning.  They love you so much. 

Thank you for working your tired self to the ground.  Thank you for giving and giving and giving.  Thank you for being the eternal cheerleader.  Thank you for hoping and loving.  Life seems possible when I talk to you.  You always give me that other perspective that makes me pick up my broken self and push on for the glory of God.  I stare at you now more than ever.  While you were visiting last, I watched from the kitchen you and John yuck it up over funny YouTube videos.  I watched you laugh. I was crying my head off silently in the kitchen at the gift of your life and time with us.   I love to watch you.  Your life is a gift to me and our whole family.
Thank you for suffering.  Thank you for teaching us all the right things namely our Catholic faith, service to others for Christ, the value of the sacrament of Confession and STARTING OVER, saying "I'm Sorry.  Please forgive me."  My very favorite though is the wonderful value of each and every person you encounter.  For heaven's sake, you wrote thank you notes to the cafeteria people who cooked your meals for you while you were in the hospital.  You taught us to see Christ in everyone and namely those who are often overlooked.  Thank you.  I am always looking for Jesus everywhere because of you. 

I thought this described you perfectly.  You have fought for your children in all the right and important ways for the next life.

Thank you for being the MOST perfect mother. 


  1. My mother had cancer when I was 15, and though she came through it and is still in remission, it shook me to my marrow. Thank you for sharing this and allowing more people to be blessed by your mother through association. The pictures of your mom and your precious new babe are the perfect cherry on top of this sweet, honoring post.

  2. This is beautiful...
    Thank you for sharing.
    Prayers and love.

  3. Thank you sharing such a beautiful and powerful "thank you" to your beautiful mother.

  4. A Saint!!!! She does look beautiful!!!

  5. Beautiful post for a lovely woman. I have to ask about your Mom's hat in the top photo. I'm due to lose my hair in about 2 months. What she's wearing looks like it might stay put better than a scarf. I pray that your Mom's treatments are working as they should. CONGRATS to her on finishing chemo.

  6. I'm go grateful that I know you and your mom. Beautiful!!