Friday, September 4, 2015

Our little Lourdes- almost 7 months

Our little girl is almost SEVEN months old. Her siblings still fight over her like it is the first day we brought her home. Tears are still included. They just LOVE her. She is getting into the crawling position so her mobility is about to change.  We haven't tried table food yet and she refuses to take a bottle.  What a goof.  She will put anything into her mouth, but the bottle is repulsive.  She (not I) is still throwing a great late night party.  The kids remark often how smart they think she is.  Rose loves when she puts her finger in her mouth like this.
Clairvaux is her #1 holder.  Always.  All day.  Anywhere.  Anytime. She corners me to hold her. 

Isn't she just darling!  What a precious, precious baby.


  1. She really is precious! She's adorable. You are giving your children such a wonderful gift by letting them grow up around (and enjoy) babies.

    This also feeds my own 'baby fever'. 6-12 months is one of my favorite stages....they're sitting up, and not quite all the way mobile yet, and so expressive and sweet.

  2. She looks just like Kapaun! Beautiful!

  3. She is SUCH a beautiful baby! What a serene face and countenance.

  4. She is truly beautiful. All your babies are, and I love when you share series of photos of them because I can just see how loved they are. I like the last two photos the best. I always laugh at how babies open their little mouths to have them ready as soon as their hands close around an object, like they can taste it already, just as soon as they maneuver it up there...
    My littlest is 4.5 months and we are just loving her to pieces. She is changing so much and learning something new every day and we are all fascinated watching her grow.