Tuesday, November 17, 2015

All Saints Day 2015

The planning involved is so intense. I LOVE it and only wish I could sew elaborate costumes because it would be really fun to deliver their desired costumes complete with elaborate plans to fly, bilocate, and all the good things the holy saints did.   Every year, the planning begins way before October.  We always vacillate between going all together as a theme or just letting everyone pick their own.  I could trick-or-treat for hours.  I especially enjoy watching our little ones sprint from house to house trying so hard to keep up with the big kids.  I love watching them lug along their props only to find myself five houses into the the whole ordeal weighted down with paraphernalia.  The kids were ready to go home and it was ME asking them, "Let's go one more block."  We had our traditional Chipotle feast where everyone gets to have their OWN bowl or burrito.  We then make a few stops at old neighbors before hitting up the neighborhoods.
Dominic as St. George

Lillie as St. Gabriel

Rose as St. Agnes

Zellie as St. Zelie Guerin the lace maker

Vianney as St. Ursula

Clairvaux as St. Zita

Damaris as St. Kateri

Kapaun representing the Holy Martyrs of China.  John provided the hair split down the middle for added pleasure.

Baby Kateri played by Lourdes

A great picture into the sun at the Super Bowl of Saints with the Christ the King Sisters.


  1. Wow, good job mom! The costumes took a lot of thought, and work. My oldest was St. Michael, and the little brothers were his army...in white sheets. Technically, not saints, but very easy costumes! It was very last minute and I have been so sick from pregnancy. Mine looked like classic ghosts! Haha. I did name tags so it would show the saint theme:) Lily looks so grown up now! What a lovely girl.

  2. So... I've never met you in real life, but I randomly started following your blog. And, my sister and cousin are the 2 women in the background of your family picture at the Super Bowl of Saints event! #smallworld

  3. Love it! And really love your new updated banner photo! Such a beautiful family!

  4. My 5 year old daughter has that same Lamby as your St. Agatha. I had to show her and now she's insisting on flying to Nebraska to visit. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family!!!

  5. I definitely need to read up on some of the saints, so I can understand some of the costumes. Oh, I prayed for your mother and hope you have been able to visit with her.

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