Tuesday, November 24, 2015


During the summer, Kapaun and Damaris brought me these flowers everyday.  "Put them in a vase Mama up there."  So proud of their love given.  At times, my sink was decorated with numerous glasses bursting with their thoughtfulness.  Have you ever watched a child pick flowers?  You really should.  Don't miss it.
Everyday someone is always reading on the couch.  I think we should just live at the library and then drive home occasionally.  We go there so often and have so many fines all the time because I can't keep our library cards straight and remember when everything is due back.  The nice lady over at Walt Branch knows my first name way too well.  Absent-Minded Professor at your service I am.

Everyday.  This baby is well-loved from John all the way down to Kapaun. She is a celebrity in our home.  They sprint to get her out of bed and cry if it's not their turn.  Clairvaux has reached the age where she can throw her five-year-old hip out well and tote Tiny around.  Tiny loves it.
Everyday.  These three play outside during school in the mornings.  I can see Kapaun's head popping out.  Their life is fun.  It is new everyday and they play hard. 
Everyday.  They wait together in the music room for someone to be walking their dog.  Although, the mail truck offers equal joy.  They wait and wait for the neighbors to walk their dog.  I heard the run down just last night of the walking schedule.  "Mom, did you know the So-and-So's only walk their dog at night? Why do you think they do that?"  What is especially cute is that he knows the names of each dog passing taught to him courtesy of his little mothers.  He loves every dog, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned Corgi walking by.  Corgis are his favorite hands down.
I love this picture of these two. Completely unaware that I was watching.

Everyday.  More reading.  More chatting together.  Always eating.


  1. I saw on Facebook, an old post of yours from 2010, (the one about understanding why people have only 2 kids) I remember praying for you when you were pregnant with your last beautiful baby and then, well, life took over and I never got back here to see how things went! I'm so happy Lourdes is thriving, what a miracle she is!! I also, am saddened by the pain you are going through with your mom...you will be in my prayers. I can't see the date on these posts for some reason, so I'm not sure if Lourdes has taken a bottle yet or if you were able to be with your mom for her treatment, but praying for all things in your heart. God bless you.

  2. I am new here. Saw, like the above comment, a link to a 2010 post. What a beautiful, beautiful family you have! I look forward to reading your blog. We have 8 children, ages 18 to almost 2. It is a tough season in life, and I can not tell you how your blog lifted my spirits! May the Lord be with you and your family.


  3. So cute the kids are! Thanks for sharing us this story!