Monday, September 19, 2016

An evening adventure at Pioneers Park

Zac Brown's song "Chicken Fried" comes to mind when I look through these pictures.  I think my favorite evenings always happen organically with our kids.  "Hey, let's take the kids to Pioneers Park to tromp around and pick up fried chicken at Lee's Chicken on the way out."  "Yes, let's do it."  They always turn out wonderful 100 percent of the time.  The weather was gorgeous and we truly just tromped around the grounds. 

Damaris is at the age where she is constantly bringing me flowers all the time.  It must be a passage that children must go through because they all have done it.  Sometimes, my counter is covered with little glass jars with all her flowers from the day. 

One of Dominic's greatest dreams is to travel to New Zealand to explore the grounds where "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" were filmed.  In the meantime, he is constantly searching for land and places that resemble his beloved Shire.  This might be the closet we've found to-date.
I was up at the top of the hill watching him walk further and further into the sunset.  It is really painful to love them.  He is a freshman this year.  He has been a joy to John and I his entire life.  What a gift he is to our family.  

We had to stop at C &  L Dairy on our way back home.  One of the my greatest memories as a child was going with my father up to Glen Elder lake.  We would stop at a little dairy store and get an ice cream cone on our way back.  For some time, there was a little zoo with about 2-3 animals across the way.  It was enough for me to be completely enthralled as a child.  I didn't know BIG zoos existed.  I loved it. 


  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Lovely post- spontaneous late afternoon adventures are the best! By the way, Dominic may be interested to know that he can visit many of the LOTR sites in NZ. Hobbiton is open year round and it is amazing to walk around the village, go in some of the houses, have a drink at the Green Dragon. While you pay to enter the Hobbiton site, many others are free to just go and walk around. We have had many holidays finding and exploring the sites. There are great guide books to help- The Lord of the Rings Location Guide etc. An example is the first appearance of the Black Riders was filmed on Mount Victoria, a lovely city park walking distance from inner-city Wellington.

  2. There are few things more wonderful and beautiful than a family at a park. Hopefully the mosquitoes there aren't as bad as in South Dakota this late summer.

  3. Your family is so beautiful. I love hearing about how much joy they bring you. It reminds me to look for joy with my own children on the days they are tired or crabby. I think sometimes we get so busy, we forget to just step back and watch. Have a great week! Lesley from NE

    1. I also just love the beauty of your family and your writing. Your writing is a gift of grace to other mothers like myself. Thank you.

  4. Every time I read about Dominic and his love of NZ I just want to shout "we are here! come visit!" then I realise that is odd and I dont actually "know" you. We live on 17,000 acres in (very) rural NZ.

  5. Oh! I'm so glad you're back! I've missed you so much!!!

  6. I just read all three of these September posts - so glad you're back to posting a little!! I hope you are feeling well. I thought your comments about Dominic were especially poignant. My next boy is a senior this year and heading off the college soon. It never gets easier.

  7. I love your blog! It gives me extra joy to go through my own motherhood path! Btw, I pregnant too, just 1.5w behind you! Hope you can keep up with the blog as long as you can! I really see you as a spiritual - but natural - guide for me every time I check in here!!

  8. I love hearing you mention Lee's Chicken! While my family moved to Kansas when I was six, we would always come "home" to Nebraska for Cornhusker games, and Lee's Chicken is a staple when in any way feasible on those trips.