Sunday, November 22, 2009

Clark Griswold

Clark is on top of our roof. It is 8:26 PM and John is outside hanging Christmas lights. We've never hung lights before so this is kind of important. He can't see a thing and our roof is very, very steep. Really. He might fall a good 40 feet in some places. My mother was telling me a darling story of her childhood. She lived in Houston a good portion of her childhood and her parents put up 1 strand of Christmas lights outside. She KNEW everybody thought their home was beautiful. She thought people drove down their street just to see their lights. Of course, I wanted it all to flow with white lights, etc and our children just desperately wanted colored lights. They were all in bed when John finished, but I had to run in and get them up. We were all standing outside in bare feet and their faces were priceless. True joy!


  1. ahhh!! I can't wait to have 5 kids to wake up and share these kinds of moments with! So priceless.

  2. Wow, he's really on top of things. Pun intended. Ha. I'm so funny.

    Aren't comments fun?

  3. Lindsay!! Yeah!! I am so glad you are blogging. I have a blog too...
    I need to update it. Since we moved into our new/old house, I haven't been so great at keeping up. But I have plans to do it!