Sunday, November 22, 2009

Michael Phelps

Vianney has the same routine every time we put her for a nap or to bed. We lay her on her back. She fusses. We put her binki in and flip her over on her belly. She then scrunches her buns in the air and does the breast stroke for three swipes. Dominic loves to watch me do this. We were just putting her down and she was extra cute because she knew Dominic was watching so she did her stroke for longer. I heard him walk out of the room and say "Michael Phelps...(shaking his head and laughing).


  1. Hilarious! I can not express how much I LOVE hearing what my kids say...and often wondering how they knew to say that thing in the correct context!!! They absolutely crack me up!

  2. Michael and I had a pretty good laugh about this one!