Thursday, January 7, 2010

Potty Training Zellie week 1

(This picture taken by Rose captured her perfectly.)
Day 1: Ultra excited, over-giddy, elated, underwear, CAN'T. HANDLE. THE. CUTENESS. I have never gotten use to two-year-olds in underwear. John said we haven't had one this cute in underwear (we say that everytime). She did great with only one accident. It probably didn't help that I asked her every 2.2 seconds if she needed to go. The first three days of training I sit them on the toilet every 20-30 minutes.
She calls toilet paper "nose-dripping." Whenever the kids have a cold, I say "Your nose is dripping." (They usually use toilet paper to wipe their nose.) Funny what they pick up on.

Day 2: Did great again! She was dry all day and even at naps. Although, she did go the main event in her underwear. She was so disgusted that I hope she won't do it again.

Day 3: Today, I backed off on the asking and watched her and let her tell me. She did and stayed dry all day and during naps, but was threatening with the main event all day. She kept trying to sneak away, but I wouldn't let her. I think I was in the bathroom more than anywhere else today. We read books over and over. The main event never happened so we figured that the morning would be interesting.

Bathroom conversation:
Zellie: "I went."
me: "I didn't hear anything."
Zellie: "Let me look in your ear."
me (turning my head so she can see in my ear)
Zellie: "See, I went." (talking in my ear)

Day 4: She woke us up early and said she had to go AND SHE DID! The MAIN EVENT! She stayed dry all night. I was so proud of her. If I could only describe her sleep head, hair, eyes, voice, hand motions, etc. in telling us about it. John and I were trying to not laugh our heads off. She was very involved in the whole retelling process with her hands on hips and kept saying, "So proud of you!"

I give myself a good month of training and really don't bank on anything before then. Everyone enjoys the treat if she goes. They get one M&M and two for the big job. Dominic promised her a toy at Target if she stayed dry at night. What a guy!


  1. HILARIOUS! I was just lamenting 2 nights ago how Joachim will be my first 2 year old not trained! ;-( I had started to train during this pregnancy and unfortunately my back nor my BP was co-operating. Can you come spend a couple weeks at my house...he's had a jump start as I still put him on the potty so it won't take a whole month Lindsay....please???? ;-)

    I love the pics & details you gave! Little ones in undies for the first time are just adorable!! And the whole family has a "HOORAY!" when there is #2 to be seen. It's absurd isn't it. "Guess what Joachim did?!" really...kinda gross! HA HA HA HA

  2. Soooo cute.
    Two-year-olds are the best.

  3. She is so cute. Little buns in underwear after years of diapers just beg to be squeezed! :)

  4. ohh this is too much. I love her!
    You are going to have to give me tips me when I start trying to potty train. THanks for sharing the story.
    I had a great vision in my head of Zellie telling you al about it. he he