Saturday, January 9, 2010

P.T. training Zellie Day 5

Her best day yet. She was dry ALL day night and she even told me for the big job. I reminded her occasionally to tell me if she had to go and she said very matter of factly "I will" and she did. Like I said earlier, one should probably get more excited, but I know things can go south just when you think they got it. So for now, I am just grateful for today.
My "two cents" potty training advice that I learned from some very wise women:
1. DO NOT stress out over potty training. I mean, just because your friend, your neighbor, your dog, etc., little people are trained before they are 2 months old, DO NOT worry or compare. It will go much better if you wait until they are ready AND YOU ARE READY. Really. I knew this summer she wasn't quite ready. I am so glad I waited because this week has been great.
2. Generally, boys take longer to be ready. My mom said most of her boys were 3 1/2 almost 4. I promise that you will not have a 10 year old in diapers. I first focus on day time dryness, then work on naps, and then nights. One stage at a time. Some of ours have gone cold turkey and did it all at the same time and others went in phases.
3. To sum up our potty training theory, It is a battle we choose NOT to have. You will know in your heart if it becomes purposeful meaning if they are trained and then suddenly they start having accidents or stop making it to the bathroom.
Looking forward to tomorrow. Our conversations in the bathroom are ridiculous. Today, we discussed who wears underwear. I am sure your name came up.

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