Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shakey John

We have always come up with a theme song for our children. They never make sense and always involve silly rhythms. Lillie's had a polka beat. Vianney has had the most by far. Here it goes for her first song. (Note: I am only recording these so I don't forget.)

Johnny, Johnny two by four,
Kitchen door, living room,
open the door.

Please don't ask why??? We don't even know why. Well, this is her latest:

Uh, Shakey John,
John, John, shakey,
JOhn, John, uh shakey
John, John shakey John.

It is kind of a catchy tune. The other day Zellie was looking for Vianney and she said, "Where's Shakey John?" Smooch to that cuteness.

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