Thursday, January 14, 2010

Perfect Description

I haven't written about morning sickness because I'm trying to become a saint :), but this woman described morning sickness perfectly for me:

"From the kitchen...whatever does not make me gag. Yesterday, my darling hubby had a pot of turkey and sausage gumbo bubbling on the stove all day. I'm sure it was delicious. But I spent the better part of the afternoon whimpering in my bed or lying on the bathroom floor. And when the nausea subsided, all my mind could think about was popcorn and warm french bread with Brummel and Brown Strawberry fruit spread. That'll pretty much be the kitchen story for the next few weeks." Colleen Mitchell

She is another woman I have wept for this past year. She is a mother of six little boys. One in heaven. Her 3 month old died of crib death this year. She is a wonderful homeschooling mother. I can't even imagine. She just found out she is expecting. I am so thrilled for her! In my prayer, I have begged God to comfort this woman. I say, "Please, hold her tight. Please don't let her pain feel as my heart feels it must be feeling." I literally had just found her blog the week before regarding some homeschooling items. I had read about their new baby and literally a week later, I read about him dying. Sometimes, I just don't know.

One of things I am most grateful that my mother has taught me was the fine art of offering things up. We can truly turn everything ugly into something beautiful for God. She always says, "Do not waste it." I agree.

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  1. I remember praying for her, too. There were a lot of losses in the homeschooling community around that time.

    I'd say that I hope you feel better soon - but I want you to be a saint, too. ;)