Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby book notes

John was reading "Peter Pan" to Zellie. He pointed to Tinkerbell and asked her who it was. After hesitating, she replied "Jingle Bell, all the way."
Tinkerbell -v- Jingle Bell, all the way...close. cute.

Vianney (11 months) stood up from a sitting position today for the first time in the middle of the room. Big stuff.

Lillie (5 1/2 yrs.) is really writing more and more words by sounding them out phonetically. She wrote everybody in the family today. She spelled Vianney like Veone. Great job, Lillie.


  1. I love it! Isaiah did it the other way--instead of singing Jingle Bells, he would sing, "Tinker bell, tinker bell, tinker all the way!" It was HILARIOUS!