Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vianney 10 and 11 months old

Dear Vianney,
I am sorry I am behind. I didn't forget your 10 month birthday. I took the picture and then that month just floated right by us. That was the month your blond curls popped out. It was the month you took your first steps. We had went to Beloit for Christmas and right when we got there your Aunt Hilary asked if you've taken any steps. I said, "NO" and literally right in front of us you took 3 steps. We screamed and you cried because we scared you. Anyway, you didn't practice your new trick much that month. You went to the Emergency Room for the first time. We were at a birthday party and suddenly you spiked a very high fever. You really were fine all day and then it came upon you like a pile of bricks. Your face turned red, you got very limp in my arms and tried to fall asleep. I watched you for a while, but then your breathing started to get labored. We decided to go home and then it just went down hill from there. I called a friend of ours to say we were dropping off your siblings at home and headed to the E.R. We were flying through red lights and I was praying and slightly hyperventilating myself because I was so worried. I don't do well in those situations. Of course, the E.R. got everything under control and sent you home with a diagnosis of pneumonia. You recovered well. Here is your ten month picture.

Your eleventh month brought about new tricks, new words, and new foods. I think most of our babies have done the head stand trick, but we think it is really cute every time. You wait until someone looks under your legs before your crawl off. I told Mechie that I don't think you will ever walk because you LOVE to crawl. I mean LOVE, like as in someone who loves to do marathons. You delight in yourself when you crawl. You look back at your little legs when you crawl. I think it is your hobby. But, I noticed five days ago something changed. You decided to walk more. You are now taking ten steps and walking from thing to thing. I miss your love of crawling. You can say mama, papa, and "a dee". We started you on whole milk which you love. I am trying to get you on more table food but you are moving v.e.r.y slow. You love MUSH! I will keep working on it.
In the mornings, I always give you a bottle, feed you breakfast, and then right before your nap give you another bottle. On Sunday, we were at mass and forgot to bring the second bottle which has been your routine since you were little. We didn't know how much you looked forward to it until you kept looking at me signing "more." Then you would look at your papa and sign "more" to him. We were laughing because you kept looking at both of us like, "Hey, I know you know what I mean. Please deliver the goods." You would give up on me and then turn to your papa. Cute.
Your hair gets curlier and curlier everyday. I couldn't love it more.
You ALWAYS have a cold. I am sure it is some form of milk allergy. You are on raw milk, cod liver oil, and coconut oil now so I hope it helps. Enclosed are a few pictures of your darling head stand and us looking at you.

I love this picture because sometimes you do your head stand even when you are standing up.


  1. so cute!!!! come visit me!!! ;- )

  2. Linds-
    Have you tried goat's milk? It might help... we don't have milk allergies here but used it when I needed to supplement Joseph and Anthony.
    Good luck
    I LOVE reading your blog!! Prayers