Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lent by Dominic Boever

Dominic has been talking for about three weeks about what he is going to give up for lent. This has really encouraged Lillie and Rose to be excited about their lenten sacrifice. He is giving up computer games, movies, and sweets. He has done this diligently for the past two to three years. We were amazed last year how he never even asked for any of the things he gave up. It was like they never existed.

He said today, "Mom, I can't believe lent starts tomorrow. It is going to be tough, but really fun. It will be good for us."

Yes, Dominic you are right. How come he gets it and I don't? How come I never want him to change, but I need to change some of my ways so much? When I think of his inner goodness, I often reflect upon his love of lent every year. It is very inspiring. You are a gift, my sweet boy.

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  1. Computer games, movies AND sweets? You're setting the bar high, Dominic!