Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When does it change?

We took the kids to eat at Valentino's tonight for Fat Tuesday. They love to go there because Tuesday is Kid's Night complete with clowns, cotton candy, and ice cream. We just enjoy watching them enjoy themselves. I looked over at Dominic at he was trying to fit his Valentino hat on his head. He worked on getting the right size for a while and then settled back into eating his food. I asked John when it all changes. When does he realize that the Valentino hat looks silly or "thinks" it looks silly on him? When we were leaving, I watched him pull on his hood and put the Valentino hat over the hood. He walked out smiling and peaceful holding his cotton candy.
For some reason, these moments are precious and heart tugging to me. They seem so fleeting. I am glad I am watching. Always watching to catch these ordinary moments that are beautiful, pure, and innocent. I don't want the days to come that he doesn't put the hat on anymore so for now, I am so grateful to be in their childhood with them.

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  1. Lindsay, I hope this never changes. I often wonder the same thing about our own children. :) May they keep their innocence forever!