Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dominic's First Holy Communion

It feels like yesterday we heard the words, "It's a BOY!" Now, we are standing with you watching you receive your first Holy Communion. You were beyond words. We couldn't have been prouder of you. You were beaming and kept looking at us with such a beautiful smile.

You were very well prepared by your father and your spiritual father, Monsignor Nemec. He is the same priest that baptized you. We are so blessed to have such a saintly pastor.

Your sisters will always be a major part of your life. They teach you the lessons we as your parents can only verbally explain to you. You are patient because of them. You are joyful because of them. You are gentle and tender because of them. They were the most excited for you and make anything you do important to them. They will be your friends for life. They think Dominic can do anything.

When your papa and I received our First Holy Communion, our parents bought us a rosary. This was my favorite part of planning the whole event. I knew it would be a treasure you would carry with you for life. I knew it might be something you prayed if God calls you to the priesthood. I knew it might be something that you used to lead your own family in prayer. I knew it might be something you held during your last days on this earth. We wanted it to be very special. I had it narrowed down to four different ones...three blue and one red. One blue one in particular had jewels around the image of Mary. You are fond of things with jewels. The feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was on the Friday before the big day so I picked a red one with Mary on the middle medal because Saturday was the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
When you opened the gift, your reaction was precious. "Thank you, mom! Thank you! It is so beautiful! I can't believe how beautiful it is. Look Papa! It is so beautiful. I love it!" I find you looking at it all the time.

We are always so grateful for family and friends who make our families events important to them. It is humbling to me that people take the time to write to the kids a beautiful note, send them a special gift, or give time in their day to be at the special event. We are very grateful for our family and friends. You make it so special to our children. It's always fun to enjoy cake with everyone.

You were really insistent about keeping track of your communions. You woke up the next day almost more excited to receive your Second Holy Communion. You told me you were going to genuflect before receiving Our Lord. These are such beautiful times in our lives. Small happy children receiving the beautiful sacraments. We have much to embrace and be grateful for.
We pray that you always stay close to Our Lord in Holy Communion. All the answers in the world await for you there. He will always be with you. We pray that you grow to know and love His Mother.

Our family on your Second Holy Communion.


  1. Congratulations to Dominic and the whole family!!!

  2. Lindz - I'm so glad you posted on this - we were sad to miss the big event. The cake looks amazing and so pretty. (hahah I love the rotting bananna and melted butter tray in the background; )
    The girls dresses all laid out is THE BEST - what happy memories.