Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Girl who won't stop READING

At first, it started out "cute" or "darling", but now it is nothing but serious and at times we have to make her stop. This girl r.e.a.d.s. A.L.L. d.a.y. The stories of her are quickly becoming legendary.
The week we brought Clairvaux home all the kids got the stomach flu. I was up nursing the baby and we heard Vianney crying. John went in there to find that she
had thrown up. He got her up so he could clean the bed up. She came toddling out and sat down Yep. Even when she is plagued with serious illnesses she can still muster up the gusto to read. She was sitting in our dark living room, pale faced, but still reading.
We ate with some friends last night and got home around 10:30. We told the kids to get dressed, brush their teeth and hop in bed. Where did we find the little one? On the couch, in the dark, reading her books. I will post those pictures later.
I took these pictures to show John on our camera how often she was caught reading this specific day. Here is the time stamp for each picture: 3:15 PM

3:20 PM

3:22 PM

3:34 PM

4:10 PM

4:20 PM

4:26 Pm The pile that accumulates all over our house.
The day my mom left her and I went for a few last errands with Vianney. We were out and about for an hour and a half. The ENTIRE trip she sat in her carseat and scanned her book. We went to fill up the car=reading. I ran into Chipotle=reading. We picked up a pair of shoes=reading. We stopped to get a pop=reading. She never looked up. She just sat occasionally mouthing the words to her books.s
If she has a brief moment, she will catch up on the latest news.

Before bed she fits it in.
The most popular pick: Go Dog Go. If we lost it, her world wouldn't be right. The book meets all her needs. She chants it in her language all day. Big Dog, Little Dog, Black Dog, White Dog.


  1. How cute! I can definitely relate to the piles of books everywhere. Emma, 16mos, leaves paths behind her destruction, usually books, sometimes toys. We love Go, Dog, Go too - have the full book for the boys and a board book for the car.

  2. That is adorable! It must be something about all the older siblings at real reading age now rubbing off on the baby. Twice this summer when I took the girls to the library, I'd hand Meg a book while I pushed her around in the stroller only to catch other moms staring at us. Then they'd ask hesitantly, "Is she reading that?!" because she's turning the pages and telling stories aloud as she goes. Well, no. Not in the traditional sense of "reading", but yes, totally in the baby sense! :) I love it!

  3. Too cute! Now just have her read some molecular science book and you've got college covered! Love the blond pigtails!